Public Performance.

It’s common to hear me talk of TCKF performances and gatherings in my other blogsite ….

Back in the 60s/70s/80s and even 90s, my Sifus would get invited to at least half a dozen a year and it’s impolite not to attend – call it TCKF protocol if you will.

And this is typically done on a reciprocal basis, I support your dinner and you are expected to do the same for me.

I am not complaining; occasions like these are ideal for meeting new kung fu friends and renewing old ties with other schools.

Add full-courses Chinese dinner and performances on stage; I can think of worse things to do.

I tell you, much of what I know about TCKF comes from folks I meet in these gatherings.

The sad thing is that, just like many other practices, CKF dinners are slowly fading away.

Even if you do see one, it’s usually scaled down with fund raising becoming the main motivation.

Those days, every school would have their list of regular sponsors, well-wishers and other supporters providing aids all year round.

Dinners were more to show appreciation for all the assistance they are getting and not “soliciting” support.

Other schools are invited add “prestige” – you get to say thing like “half of Wu-lin showed up to give me face”….. you know, the Chinese thing.

Couple of pics from one of my school’s dinners in the 60s.

Top pic – you see my Sifu giving a opening speech.

Bottom pic – one of my sihings doing “Hua Paik”.




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