Yong Chun Quan.

Here’s a Crane form that came out of mainland China that appears to be a “cut and paste” creation.

The opening salute suggests Yong Chun White Crane and then you see a little “Shaolin” Crane and Flying Crane.

Actually, the whole form, to me ,smells of Wuzu except for the salute.

The “shaking hand” in the middle of the form is classic Wuzu and Taizu.

A key technique in numerous  Wuzu and Taizu forms and drills.

“10 shakes 9 are fakes. One shake is all it takes” – how many times have I heard this being repeated.

And the intro page also states that White Crane is sometimes also known as “Yong Chun Quan”.

Now this is where the mix-ups happen, Yong Chun Quan is read as “Wing Chun” in Cantonese and “Eng Choon” in Fukien.

Click on thumbnails for full view and to download.


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