White Crane and others.

First, apologies for the lapse in updating this blog; bogged down with work in the office and working on my main blog.

You know there are many forums out discussing associations between systems; Karate and White Crane and increasingly, Wing Chun and White Crane.

Views are so diversified that many of these discussions end up in shouting matches…. And folks ask me why I shy away from forums these days …. My life is exciting enough without the added annoyance of cyber verbal sparring.

Still, there are many good educated discussions if you are able to look through all that noise.

Comparing histories like I said is getting nowhere, what with everyone having a distinctive version and the same could be said for power generation, fighting principles and chi.

How power is generated and the role of chi in this formula is something that is almost impossible to put in words. General rules do apply but still not adequate to explain how some are able to generate power effortlessly.

And then there is the rest, huffing and puffing away …..

Maybe it’s really all about “effort” or “Kung Fu” which really means effort.

Maybe there’s a hidden method, maybe …maybe ….

I love to look for signatures, not the esoteric metaphysical invisible sort but movements and techniques that are expressed when a person moves.

It could be a certain unmistakable rhythm or little nuances that experienced eyes could discern.

Take this next Wing Chun technique for instance; this is “characteristic” White Crane hand arsenal.

When you do the “Wing Hand” in White Crane, it’s not just the fingers that you want to use but also the thumb – digging into eyes and other soft spots on your opponent.

wck advance_Page_120

wck advance_Page_121


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