“Light Crane”.

This is something that very few have heard of – “Qinghequan” or “Light / Weightless Crane Boxing”.

Taught primarily in Putien Fuqing, this line of Crane encompasses all the main characteristics of Fuzhou Crane boxing, which is Flying, Feeding, Hibernating and Singing.

One of my White Crane elders taught this for a while in Singapore and since then, this line of Crane has not surface again until a couple of years back when I got hold of this article from the mainland.

The delivery of this Crane is really distinctive, not hard not soft and done in a way that is really fluid.

You know, if you are not informed, you might think this is some kind of Qigong calisthenics ….

Folks, you could not be more wrong …….

ching he fuqing_P1

ching he fuqing_P2


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